Learning kazakh spelling on latin alphabet base

      The first President of  Kazakhstan N.A. Nazarbayev, who suggested to switch to the new alphabet in the context of the complex projects aimed to develop official language emphasized that "preparation of switching Kazakh alphabet to the Latin script by 2025 needs to begun already now". Irrespective of the historical changes happening in the country, this swithching will be carried out step by step.

The proof of that fact is creation of the free reading and writing at Latin coursesat the universities and in the Language development centers whole over the country. Work of New alphabet training courses are based on the "Rules of Spelling of Kazakh language on the basis of the New Alphabet" project, which was presented at a meeting of the National commission on September 27, 2018 at International Linguistic College of Ahmet Baytursynov.

     One of such free courses works also in Kazakh Ablai khan KazUIR&WL since March 11 of this year. The course is intended for teachers. Training mothods helps teacers to quickly learn the alphabet and rules of spelling.

     This course organised by teachers of department of the Kazakh philology PhD in Philosophy, assistant professor Iskhan B.Zh., PhD in Philosophy, assistant professor Nurmysheva Sh.A., the senior teacher of department Khamimuldinova L.Zh.

      Classes will be twice a week on Mondays and Thursdays until the end of May. At the end of a course 72 hours certificates are planned.

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