Model UN, as a door opening opportunities…

From 26th to 28th April 2019 at the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabithe International «Model UN» was held.I, Kabdushev Arnur, 1st year student on «International relations» speciality at «KazUIR&WL», has participated at that conference. Within three days, in addition to the conference itself, social events were held: Diplomatic Ball, Cultural Evening, City Tour and Quest.

The objectives of that conference were to reproduce the simulation of the work of the UN, actively attracting the attention of young people to the global problems of mankind and acquiring young people with diplomatic, leadership, oratorical and language skills and the ability to come to a compromise, etc. The «UN Model» organization was carried out under the clear leadership of the «New Silk Road – Model UN» - the largest and oldest UN Model in Central Asia. This year about 300 delegates from all over Kazakhstan, from all countries of Central Asia, Afghanistan, India, Italy, China and Jordan participated at the Conference. This is a great platform where you can not only improve your skills and find opportunities for your future, but also have a great time and get to know many interesting people.


Invited guests: Heads of diplomatic missions accredited to the Republic of Kazakhstan; Representatives of UN agencies; Government officials; Representatives of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations) and other institutions


Also, participants were awarded in different nominations:«Bestdelegate», «Outstandingdelegate», «BestPositionpaper»

At the end of the Conference a resolution was adopted:

  1. Encourages Governments and in governmental, regional and international organizations to make air quality data more easily accessible and understandable to the public;
  2. Approves establishing emission standards for their significant sources of air pollution;
  3. Requests member states to employ the practices of managements of agricultural waste;
  4. Authorizesthe automobile reduction law;
  5. Encourages all relevant agencies of the United Nations to collaborate more closely towards afforestation;
  6. Suggests that developed countries create Global Partnerships with developing countries by fundamental and progressive programs focusing on SDGs 13 аnd so on.

During this Conference I received a lot of knowledge and invaluable experience, had a great time, and also met wonderful people from different countries with whom we still communicate and during the Conference managed to become friends. I advise everyone to participate in the Models UN!

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