Teacher’s Day

The profession of a teacher has always been considered very important and honorable. Its representatives not only provide children and adults with the necessary knowledge, but also carry out no less important educational work, which largely affects the formation of the future personality. And Teacher’s Day has become for many not just a professional holiday, but a red day of the calendar, it is a day of opportunity to pay tribute to their teachers, to thank them again, for their dedicated work and efforts.

A bit about the history of Teacher's Day. The legislation of Kazakhstan describes several types of holidays. Teachers' Day is considered a holiday celebrated by certain categories of citizens united by one profession, i.e., professional. In this, it differs from national or state holidays. Teacher's Day in Kazakhstan was established at the level of legislation in the distant 1965. Then, on September 29, the Supreme Council of the USSR, in the person of the Presidium, decided that teachers would celebrate their professional day on the first Sunday of the second month of autumn, that is - October. In addition to the Republic of Kazakhstan, on October the Teachers Day celebrates in Ukraine, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan and Latvia.

The profession of a teacher is eternal, as the truths of goodness, wisdom and mercy that you bring to people. And on the day of your wonderful holiday, let me congratulate all the workers in the field of education and say thank you for their hard work and wish all the best.

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