This is just the beginning ... or the first trip of the new academic year!

           There is probably no person who does not like to spend his weekend in nature. And if there is an opportunity to leave with a big company, then this is just AWESOME! And such an opportunity activists of KazUIR&WL was organized for first-year students.

           On October 6, students in a friendly team (almost 400) people went  to Lake Issyk. The script was scheduled for the whole day. Passengers (students) of each bus were divided into groups and represented the famous cities: New York, Istanbul, Madrid, Barcelona, Paris, etc. Upon arrival at our destination, we had a panorama of a beautiful lake, which, as if in a bowl which formed by mountains. The organizers gave students time to enjoy the freshness of the air, the brightness of the riotous colors of autumn, and of course the time to take innumerable photos. The rest of the time students were engaged in excellent pastime: games, competitions, teambuildings. And how many hidden talents among our first-year students? !!!! Everything was taken note))). Everyone participated, prizes awaited the winners (the organizers provided). Activists annually organize such trips with the goal of not only taking a break from the routine of everyday life, but also showing beautiful places and getting to know each other, and also after the trip to give the feeling of a united, united team.

           The main thing is that weekend was welcome for everyone, and the impressions received during the rest will definitely remain in the soul for a long time. Thank you to the organizers for a wonderful weekend and look forward to the next trip as a friendly team of students of Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages.

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