Interesting meeting with Karina Sarsenova

Karina Sarsenova is the creator and general producer of “KS production”. Poetess, writer, psychologist, screenwriter. Founder of the new literary genre “Neo Esoteric Fantasy”.

Under the leadership of Karina Sarsenova, a unique team of the production center has been assembled. Classical pop, pop, rock, rap, folk, jazz, choral singing and classical instrumentalist - the musical spectrum of the artists of the center is unusually wide. Here with such a wonderful person a meeting of students of Kazakh Ablai khan University of International Relations and World Languages.

Inquisitive youth of Ablai khan University bombarded the guest with questions on the theme of art, show business, professional and personal formation. Students received answers to all questions of interest. A surprise for the audience was the performance of the “Tengri” group. At the end of the evening, to all comers, the famous writer presented her autographed books.

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