”Implementation of Education Quality Assurance System via Cooperation of University-Business-Government in HEIs”

586109-EPP-1-2017-1-RO-EPPKA2-CBHE-SP (2017-2895/001-001)


Objective of the project “Implementation of Education Quality Assurance System via Cooperation of University- Business-Government in HEIs” is to improve education quality assurance systems through development of efficient internal quality standards leading to better employability of students in Partner Countries Universities. The internal QA system will be based on analysis of needs and capacities in Kazakh and Ukrainian HEIs, experiences and best practices from the successful QA action line of the Bologna Process.

Main activities:

  • to promote the creation of quality culture at various levels through motivation, trust, responsibility of students, institutional leadership, individual staff members;
  • to elaborate proposals for the design of programs for BSc and MSc with the involvement of all stakeholders;
  • to develop technologies of assessment quality of BSc&MSc programs; designed program should meet the objectives including learning outcomes;
  • to conduct training for the QA specialist&academic staff;
  • to improve affiliate network university-business-State through collaboration with the EU universities;
  • to enhance internal university information systems of quality evaluation;
  • to develop a corporate QA infrastructure based on ICT, on-line, mobile technologies.

Expected results:

  • Created QA units, developed set of standards, guidelines for internal quality assurance in higher education;
  • Improved quality of activities (research, education, governance) on the basis of the study of procedures and processes of EU universities;
  • Improved quality culture among students, academic staff, management and administration of the University;
  • Developed affiliate network university-business-State through cooperation of QA agencies, professors, researchers, students with EU universities;
  • Enhanced internal university information systems of quality evaluation and corporate QA infrastructure;
  • Piloted internal QA policy, guidelines&procedures will serve as a basis for QA national standards by PC QA agencies.

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