Scientific and educational innovation complex of the University

 Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relation & World Languages is a recognized methodological center and a leader in the field of foreign language education.

The established unified scientific and innovative professional educational infrastructure of the university in the format of four scientific and innovative professional and educational complexes (SIPE) laid the foundation for a vertical cluster mechanism for the development and management of the university:

SIPE complex in foreign language didactic direction;

SIPE complex in linguistic and philological direction;

SIPE complex in the international professional direction.

SIPE complex in the business-economic direction;

Openness to innovative transformation of the vertically clustered management system allowed the university to move to a four-stage system of competence model: professionally oriented, professionally based, professionally identifying and intercultural-communicative.

Therefore the regulatory and organizational structure is open to an indispensable integration of vocational education, science, business and production, involving effectiveness and productivity that are inherent characteristic of the humanitarian-intellectual scientific and industrial sphere.

Each SIPE complex includes a research innovation and applied school (RIAAS) with its scientific and applied laboratories that are given below:

RIAAS №1 «Intercultural Communication and Functional Pragmatic Studies of Languages and Cultures”.

Research and Applied Laboratory I Linguistic and cultural concepts and the specificity of their functional and pragmatic manifestations in the context of the ICC.

Research and Applied Laboratory II Intercultural communication and translation studies.

Research and Applied Laboratory III The main directions of journalism and PR in the field of mass media.

RIAAS №2 «Modernization of foreign language education, its contemporary theoretical and integrative foundations and the methodology of its interactive and competence-based modeling».

Research and Applied Laboratory I – Modernization of foreign language education on the basis of cognitive and linguocultural methodology.

Research and Applied Laboratory II - Modern innovative technologies in training of pedagogical personnel.

RIAAS №3 «World politics, current international integrative and geopolitical processes».

Research and Applied Laboratory I Modern studies of international relations and regional studies, a new world paradigm of geo-economic competition.

Research and Applied Laboratory II Comparative studies in the field of Oriental studies.

RIAAS №4 Modernization of socioeconomics and modern geo-economic trends».

Research and Applied Laboratory I Development of a competitive environment and economic pragmatism. Modern trends in the development of management.

Research and Applied Laboratory II Modern innovations and trends in the tourism industry and hospitality.


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