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Professional internship is considered as an integral component of educational programs for personnel training, thus it is carried out as an element of the educational process to consolidate and expand the knowledge acquired by students at the university.

During the organization of the academic process at the university, students are obliged to undergo professional internship, as this contributes to the deepening of the theoretical knowledge acquired during the educational process, and the formation of their general professional and professional competences.

In the work of organizing early employment, the role of passing of industrial and other types of students internships is important. Internship content is determined depending on its types, such as training-introduction, training, industrial, pedagogical and pre-diploma internships.

The University actively cooperates with leading enterprises and organizations in the field of personnel training. University graduates are mainly employed in enterprises with which the university has concluded appropriate agreements on cooperation and professional internships.

Every year, the Center regularly monitors the employment of KazUIR&WL graduates.

Obviously, the most vivid indicator measuring the effective education is the successful employment of its graduates. KazUIR&WL graduates are in great demand in the labor market of Kazakhstan.

Our graduates are working in a diverse range of sectors such as: Education, Translation, Finance, Economics, Legal, and many other industries.

Contacts of the Center for Internship and Employment:

  • Head of the Center for Internship and Employment - Kiikbay Moldir Kiikbaykyzy
  • E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Office 110, Building #1

tel. 8 (727) 292 0384

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