Student self-government

Student’s life in Kazakh Ablai khan university of international relations and world languages is loaded of events. Despite the high workload with lectures, seminars and independent work in the University libraries the active students realize their initiatives, organize and conduct events because they want to keep this time for long in their minds. 

Active students determine the educational and extra-curricular activities also try to bring something new in their own life and try to become professionals.

The rector of university always supports active students provides them to change their university’s environment, improve organizers skills, to be managers on their own and try to be the best in their activity.

Active students choose priority and strategic purposes and transfer their initiatives to other group mates. There is a corporative culture and Ablai Khan University has an established traditions.

We can say with confidence that today university’s active student’s format and grow up as a future high professionals because they have responsible, initiatives, creatives now and they have a desire to discover and solve new approaches and challenges of socio-economic fields.

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