Student self-government

Chairperson: Dias Sitaliyev

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Student self-government of Ablai Khan University is a structural unit of the university based on the principles of unity and mutual support.

The main objectives of the Self-government  are to activate and motivate students to create student clubs, support and create conditions for the implementation of student initiatives and projects.

Student self-government is an association whose tasks are:

- combining efforts and coordinating the actions of students who actively participate in the social life of the university;

- organization of cultural and mass activities of students;

- creating conditions for the formation of humanistic values, civic culture, creative thinking, active life position, leadership qualities among students;

- providing methodological and organizational support to students seeking to implement their ideas and projects to improve the social sphere of the university;

- informing students about social life at the university;

- providing support and assistance to the development of student movements, associations, interest clubs;

- interaction with public organizations and institutions of the city, region, republic within the framework of youth projects and initiatives.

Должностные инструкции председателя комитета по делам молодежи

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