The Ombudsman

Student Ombudsman – Rasul Nokisbayev


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The Ombudsman of Ablai Khan University is an authorized person for the rights of students, who is elected by students of a higher educational institution with a term of office for one academic year.

The Ombudsman provides support and assistance to students in resolving various issues and conflicts that arise during their studies. The Ombudsman provides confidential consultations, helps in resolving conflicts with teachers or administration, and provides information about the rights and obligations of students.

The responsibilities of the Student Ombudsman include:

- Providing confidential advice to students.

- Assistance in resolving conflicts between students, teachers and the administration.

- Providing information about the rules and policies of the university.

- Mediation in the social and individual problems of students.

- Collaboration with other organizations and resources to support students.

The Student Ombudsman plays a key role in ensuring fairness and support for students, and his role is appreciated in the university environment.

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