Students and sport

Currently there are 13 sport sections where every student can find what he want also he can keep and improve the sport skills.

These are:

1. Volleyball
2. Futsal
3. Basketball
4. Badminton
5. Chess
6. Togyz qұmalaq
7. Aerobics
8. Cheerleading
9. Taekwondo
10. Kickboxing
11. Boxing
12. Struggle
13. Pilates
14. Table tennis
15. Athletic gymnastics

There are many students who are a masters or a candidates of sport and they continue do sport exercises in the university. 

Students-sportsmen who show high results in the university’s sport sections are usually participants of the university and republican competitions. 

Kazakh Ablai khan university special commission every year consider best of them as a candidates for university scholarship.

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