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The history of formation and development of Kazakh Ablai khan University of International Relations and World Languages is closely related to the development of foreign language teaching in the country. Established in the Soviet period in 1941, after gaining the status of university it began a new page in its history. There are all conditions for training highly qualified specialists in various branches of humanitarian foreign language and international profile.

A key principle in the development of Ablai khan University is to get everything best and modern, relying on great pedagogic traditions of the past. Kazakh Ablai khan University of International Relations and World Languages is among 5 top universities in Kazakhstan and it has kept its leading position in Kazakhstani higher school due to the fact that it is a recognized multi-profile scientific and educational institution providing teaching in 14 world languages. This implies a great responsibility on university because increasing role of education represents a strategic resource in formation of national competitiveness.

At the present time there are 7 departments of Bachelor’s program: department of translation and philology, pedagogical department, department of management and international communication, department of international relations, department of economy and law, department of oriental studies, department of additional education.

The main criterion of our activity is a demand for our graduates. The graduates from our university are competitive and sought after due to high estimate of the quality of their education by employers. To ensure this education there are highly qualified teaching staff, modern content of study programs, material and technical base and well-developed organization of academic process.

Kazakh Ablai khan University of International Relations and World Languages is a member of 14 prestigious international associations: International Association of Universities (UNESCO), Eurasia-Pacific United, of 3 international tourism associations (ATLAS, AMFORTH, EURHODIP), International Association of French-speaking universities (AUF), International Academy of sciences of higher school, Association of Schools of international relations (MGIMO) UMO, MSLU, European Language Council (ELC), Consortium of humanitarian universities of SCO member states, Consortium of Linguistic Universities of EAEC member states, Association EUPRERA (The European Public Relations Education and Research Association) Belgium, The European Association for International Education (EAITE).

Six specialties of the university have undergone an international accreditation process of study programs by International Agency for Quality Assurance AQAS. The international accreditation defines the character and individuality of the institution, scale of specific knowledge, reflects the traditions and values of the university, sets its priorities. For Ablai khan University accreditation is a means of self-regulation, improvement of the quality of education, assurance of transparency for public, correspondence with all requirements of international standard.

Speaking about renovation and rapid development of all parts of university life, we should mention a significant increase and modernization of the university’s material base over last years. Both the rooms of academic buildings and sports centre are getting renovated, which is related to implementation of perspective plans of development of Ablai khan University as a leading university, which provides a foreign language education in Central Asia region.

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