Competition “Chinese Language Day at the United Nations” dedicated to the Day of Scientists of the Republic of Kazakhstan

From аpril 17-20, 2023, on the occasion of  "Day of the Chinese language in the UN," at the Faculty of Oriental Studies, Kazakh University of International Relations and World Languages named Abylai Khan, together with the Confucius Institute, on the educational program of translation studies, foreign languages and оriental studies, among students of 1-3 courses will be the following competitions:

1) Competition of tongue twisters in Chinese

2) Proverbs competition

3) Chinese essay writing and translation of  fictional texts into Chinese

The aim of the competition: to develop 4 different skills of students: pronunciation, listening, reading and writing; to improve the professional skills and qualifications of interpreters.

The competition requires students to demonstrate their intellectual and creative abilities, ability to use their knowledge of the chinese language, culture and traditions, as well as organizational skills.

The teachers responsible for the competition:

1) Dilnar Melatt (for competition of tongue twisters in Chinese)

Tel.: 701564-76-66

2) Saule Sabigazina  (for proverbs competition)

Tel.: 701645-71-08

3) Asem Ashibmayeva (for chinese essay writing and translation of fictional texts into chinese)

Tel.: 701586-08-23

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