Announcement of the selection of participants in the joint international convergent education program in response to the climate crisis


Partner University

Number of Korean participants

Number of Kazakh participants

Program management of each university

Period of visit of participants from the Republic of Korea



·                     Inha University Students: 3

·                     Other University students: 12 (out of 4 universities)

·                     Korean University professors: 5

Students: 6

Professors: 3-30


 06. 2024-6.07.2024



Responsible organization and details

9-23. 01.2024

·         Preparation of program posters and advertising text (in English)

·         Inha University team's project

25.01. – - 16.02.2024

·         Promotion of the program among students

·         Self-promotion by the university

22.02. – 29.02.2024

·         Selection of participating students

·         Decision of participating professors

·         Formation of a three-person team (7 teams in total)

·         The principle of forming teams: 2 students of Korea University and one student of KazUIR&WL

1.03. – 21.06.2024

·         Preparing the student team for a hackathon with topics on the climate crisis

·         Joint meetings for discussion and communication between students of the two universities

·         Joint consultation of participating professors of both countries

·         English (Korean) language

30.06. - 7.06.2024 (see flight schedule)

·         Visiting an object of interest for research

·         Special lectures by KazUIR&WL professors or local experts

·         Presentation and master class at the hackathon

·         Cultural experience and exchange program

·         Joint support of Inha University-KazUIR&WL

·         Joint assessment by professors of the Republic of Korea and KazUIE&WL presentations of student teams at the hackathon

·         Preparation for issuing a certificate to participating students (Inha University)

·         Preparation for the award of the prize to distinguished teams (Inha University)

01.– 02.2025 г.

·         Invitation for students from foreign partner universities

·         International students who joined the two best hackathon teams by country (2 students X 7 countries = 14 students)

·         Designed for one week.

·         Organizer: Inha University.

·         Cultural experience and exchange program.

·         Joint workshop on the climate crisis

In connection with the above, the selection of students who will enter from KazUIR&WL is carried out. Abylai Khan was included in the teams to participate in the international project.

Conditions and criteria of selection:

 Students of the 2nd and 3rd courses can take part in the selection:

- EP "Oriental Studies" - 4 students.

- EP "Translation business" - 1 student.

- EP "Foreign philology" - 1 student.

Requirements for candidates:

- mandatory good command of the English language, confirmed by the appropriate certificate (in the absence of a certificate, the points indicated in the transcript are considered);

- proficiency in the Korean language, at least TOPIK II level 2 (in the absence of a certificate, the points indicated in the transcript are considered);

- the petition of the head of the departments of the Faculty of Oriental Studies, where they should be taken into account and marked: a) research skills; c) the ability to work in a team; c) creativity, sociability of the candidate.

The composition of the commission for the selection of participants in the international project:

  1. Chairman of the Commission - Zh.T. Zhyltyrova, Vice-Rector for International Cooperation

The composition of the commission:

  1. Abdigappar T.E., Head of the Department for International Cooperation
  2. Kagazbayeva E.M. – Dean of the Faculty of Oriental Studies
  3. Zhunusova A.K. - Head of the Department of Oriental Studies
  4. Khan N.Ch. – Coordinator of work with Inha University

The secretary is Kim U.A., Director of the Center for Korean Studies in KazUIR&WL

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