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Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan

Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages

Information letter

 On February 8, 2018 Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages will hold the V Republican scientific and practical conference of young scientists "Young Scientists: Dialogue of Science and Education".

The goal of the conference: to summarize the range of actual problems of education and scientific research of young scientists, to create a platform for the exchange of experience and the generation of new ideas in the context of the program article of the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan N.Nazarbayev "Bolashakka bagdar: ruhani zhangyru" / "Course towards the future: modernization of Kazakhstan’s identity" and the 20th anniversary of Astana.

The main thematic areas of the conference:

  1. Transformation of the national consciousness: historical experience and spiritual modernization.
  2. Transition to Latin graphics: compliance with the requirements of time.
  3. Astana is the capital of the renewed Kazakhstan.
  4. Foreign language education in the focus of linguistic and cultural methodology.
  5. Modern linguistic and philological research.
  6. Translation and intercultural communication in the context of a functional-pragmatic typology of languages ​​and cultures.
  7. World politics, international integration and geopolitical processes of our time.
  8. Contemporary international and national laws.
  9. Strategic priorities and mechanisms for protecting Kazakhstan's economic interests in conditions of social modernization of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
  10. Modern trends in the development of social and human sciences (oriental studies, management, tourism, etc.).

The form of participation in the conference: full-time, correspondence.

The deadline for submission of applications and articles - until January 30, 2018.

The publication fee: 2 500 tenge. The distribution of the collection is not provided (self-delivery).

Working languages: Kazakh, Russian, English.

Articles, applications and a scanned receipt for payment should be sent by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. - to the responsible secretary of the conference Shaimardanova Z.D.

The Organizing Committee reserves the right to reject submitted scientific articles not relevant to the theme of the conference or the requirements for the design of scientific articles.

The publication of the collection of scientific papers is scheduled before the conference

Venue of the Conference: Almaty, Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages, Muratbayev st., 200, Blue hall, acad.building 1.

Tel: 87272 92 03 84 (ext.1074).

Requirements for the articles submission:

Volume - 5-7 pages in the format of the text editor MS Word, including footnotes. Page parameters: all sides 2.0 cm (Word text editor, Font KZ Times New Roman, Times New Roman, font: size - 12, line spacing - 1pt, paragraph indent -1.25).

Pages are not numbered, carryings are not put. Footnotes on literature should be given in accordance with the basic publishing standards for the preparation of articles in accordance with Government standard 7.5-98 "Journals, collections, information publications. Publishing design of published materials ", bibliographic lists in accordance with Government standard 7.1-2003"Bibliographic record. Citation. General requirements and rules" [2, p.5]. When numbering the literature, automatic numbering is not allowed at all. Pay attention to the design of the electronic document.

At the top right is the UDC of the article, then on the right, in the usual font, the surname, initials of the author (s), degree, academic title, position, full name of the organization. The title of the report is printed in bold with an alignment in the middle, there is no dot at the end of the title. Next, after the indentation, the summary and key words are in English, followed by keywords and a summary in the language of the article (Kazakh or Russian, 8-10 lines, 70-90 words). Then follows the text of the article. Font: Times New Roman, size - 12, lowercase, centered. Concludes the article "Adebiet" - if the article is in Kazakh, "Literatura" - if the article is in Russian, "References" - if the article is in English.

The file name must match the name of the author (or first author).

In case of discrepancy of the material presented to the conference theme and the requirements of scientific publication organizing Committee reserves the right to suspend him. Manuscripts are not returned.

Sample of the article in Russian:

УДК  94(560):355.48

ӘОЖ (если статья на каз.яз.)

UDC (если статья на англ.)

Мұхтарқызы C.,

магистрант КазУМОиМЯ имени Абылай хана

Специальность «6М020900-Востоковедение»

Алматы, Казахстан

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


В статье рассматриваются концептуальные основы исследования «войн памяти», методологические разработки «коллективной памяти», взаимодействие между национальным самосознанием и коллективной памятью, основы формирования «политических мифов».

Ключевые слова: войны памяти, коллективная память, политический миф, изобретение традиций.

Mukhtarkyzy S.,

Undergraduate of Orientalism of Ablaikhan

KazUIRandWL, Almaty, Kazakhstan

e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

 Theoretical basis of research of "memories wars"

The article is concerned with the conceptual bases of memory wars research, methodological development of “collective memory”, the interaction between national identity and collective memory, bases of “political myths” formation.

The author comes to the conclusion that human reality - the reality is socially constructed. Collective memory is one of the main components in the society development. It is impossible without it to imagine the existence of the community

Keywords: war memories,  collective memory, political myths, invention of tradition.


Текст статьи

Автор приходит к выводу, что человеческая реальность – это реальность социально конструируемая. Коллективная память является одним из главных компонентов в развитии общества. Без нее невозможно представить себе существование социального сообщества [2, c.5]. 

Обращение к изучению «войн памяти» представляет собой одно из новых и перспективных направлений в современном востоковедении, позволяет существенно расширить горизонты познания прошлого, дает новые ответы на старые проблемы, а также ставит и решает ряд принципиально иных исследовательских задач.


  1. Хальбвакс М. Социальные рамки памяти. - М., 2009. – 236 с.
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  3. Адорно Т.В. Что означает «проработка прошлого» // Неприкосновенный запас. Дебаты  политике  и культуре. – 2005.  - № 2-3 (40-41). – С. 36-37.
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  8. Главу Samsung арестовали по делу о коррупции [Электронный ресурс]. - Режим доступа URL: (дата обращения 10.09.2017).

Заявка на участие

в работе V  Республиканской научно-практической конференции молодых ученых «Молодые  ученые: диалог науки и  образования»







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АО «Казахский университет международных отношений и мировых языков имени Абылай хана».

Юридический адрес:

050022, г.Алматы, ул.Муратбаева, 200

Банковские реквизиты:

РНН 600700016 904

ИИК   KZ 358 560 000 000 010 712

АГФ     АО Банк Центр Кредит


Кбе 16

БИН 011140001654


Стоимость публикации: для молодых  ППС- 3000 тенге,  для магистрантов и студентов-  2500 тенге.

При перечислении обязательно указать «Целевой взнос за участие в конференции МНК   КазУМОиМЯ им.Абылай хана».

Проживающие в  Алматы могут оплачивать в бухгалтерии КазУМОиМЯ им. Абылай хана.







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