Foreign Philology (European laguages)

    Department of speech practice of foreign philology

    Department of theory of foreign philology

    Training direction: 6В023 Languages and literature

    Group of educational programs: В037 - Foreign philology

    Specialty: 6В02337 (2) Foreign philology (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian languages)


    “Foreign Philology” trains philologists with knowledge of two foreign languages in the following qualifications:

    1. Qualification "Philologist-publicist";
    2. Qualification "Philologist-documentologist".

    The following specifications are being trained:

    • Specialist publicist analyst;
    • Specialist media commentator / observer;
    • Specialist international observer;
    • Specialist TV moderator, media reporter

    The main objectives of the educational program:

    - providing quality training for future philologists with specialization: PR writer, archivist, journalist, copywriter, proofreader, literary critic, museum worker, translator, teacher of foreign languages ​​and literature, editor, teacher, philologist, philologist and researcher in accordance with the social order of the society and the needs of the labor market;

     - the formation of a system of key competencies, as well as general scientific and special knowledge, skills of future philologists of a foreign language;

     - the development of methods of physical, spiritual and intellectual self-development, the formation of psychological literacy, a culture of thinking and behavior.

    Types of professional activity of graduates:

    1) Educational sphere (language and literature teacher in universities, in training centers, special schools, research teacher);

    2) Business sphere (translator in organizations of the economic sphere of activity: production, trading companies, banks, other financial structures and other small and medium-sized enterprises);

    3) Administrative sphere (employees in state and non-state administrative institutions: regional, city, district akimats, archives, branches of political parties, etc.);

    4) The sphere of culture and sports (employees in museums, theaters, film studios, at cultural and sports events, etc.);

    5) Tourism industry (guides in travel agencies, hotel staff with foreign language skills)

    6) Information sphere (employees in the media, including on television, radio, in advertising companies, etc.)

    You can complete the internship in the following organizations:

    • Pedagogical ollege of Foreign Languages
    • Lyceum-College of Management of International Tourism
    • Linguistic Lyceum-College
    • Choreographic school named after A. Selezneva
    • School-gymnasium №18
    • LLP “World Wide Education”
    • Thonjil Nanum Academy
    • LLP “Study Korea”
    • LLP “Alfa Arithmetic “
    • LLP "Duowei Kazakhstan"
    • LLP “KazDorProject”
    • International Kazakh-Chinese Language College
    • Shanghai shibang machinery sales CO LTD
    • LLP “Asian Gas Pipeline”
    • Institute of Linguistics named after A. Baitursynuly
    • PF Almaty Fund of the Culture of Turkic Peoples
    • Boarding School College named after Suleimen Demirel
    • Almaty Lyceum "Bіlіm-innovatsiya" for girls
    • Center for Culture and Education of Egypt in Almaty
    • Institute of Oriental Studies named after R. Suleimenov

    You can also become specialists in the following areas:

    • Specialist in Foreign Philology: Linguist
    • Specialist in Foreign Philology: Literary critic
    • Philologist: Specialist of Publishing
    • Specialist of Media Text Editing (Television Industry)

    You will have a unique opportunity to learn a foreign language in the amount of 12 hours a week (1 and 2 years), and 10 hours in senior courses (3 and 4 years)

    At the end of the II semester you will be given a choice of the second foreign language

    KazUIR&WL named after Ablai khan - is the only place where you can find the best professional education.

    Remember, profiled subjects for applying FP:

    School graduates: Foreign language + World History

    College graduates: Foreign language + Kazakh language/Russian language

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