Dear Master’s and PhD students of Ablai khan University!

You have a unique chance to develop your professional skills by taking part in the workshop developed by an American Company.

We invite you to take part in a one-day training titled: “When cultures meet” by Power + Systems, USA.

When Cultures Meet is an insight-provoking, experiential workshop that helps participants navigate the challenges and maximize the opportunities that occur when two or more cultures interact.

You can watch a video about the workshop at this link

The workshop provides the knowledge base and methodology for developing robust, integrated cultures that leverage the unique capabilities and contributions of all of an organization’s members.

For example, you went abroad to do research for 6 month. What challenges do you face when you come back to your organization? How would you interact with your classmates? Will they see you differently?

These and other questions will be addressed at the workshop on the 17th April 2023 from 9 to 18.00 at the Institute of Kazakh Ablai khan University of International Relations and World Languages.

The workshop will be conducted by two certified trainers – Dr Dilyara Woodward, Associate Professor at Kazakh American Free University and Dr Gaukhar Yeshenkulova, Professor at Astana IT University.

The usual cost of this training for the organization is 10 000 USD, however, participation for students of Ablai Khan University is free.

If you attend the whole day of training and take an active part in exercises, you will be eligible to receive a certificate of participation.

If you want to take part in the workshop, please fill out application form by the 10th April 2023 15.99 and send it to  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Two coffee breaks will be provided during the workshop by your university, you may bring your own lunch or use university cafeteria.


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