About association

    Association goal is assistance and contribution in University activity on students’ preparation for Kazakhstan market and help in business relationship formation and development among University Graduates. Association supports connection between graduates through conducting thematic conferences, competitions and events for University students and leavers.

    Association Mission is strengthening the corporate spirit of all student’s generations.

     Association objectives:

    • The good conditions creation for University Graduates unity, for Association’s members experience exchange, creative and scientific potential realization;
    • Consultative-discussion meetings of Association Presidium and invited graduates;
    • Assistance in Association collaboration with outside organizations for educational directions;
    • Corporate culture formation and continue work for regional and abroad Association branches creation;
    • Conduction of Annually University “Graduates Day” in the end of May;
    • Image Graduates support and their popularization in Media sources;
    • Joint Educational projects realization and master-classes and trainings from known University leavers;
    • Assistance in developing the collaboration process with employers for adaptation study process and educational programs to market requirements

     Regulations on the Alumni Association

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