«Speaking week»

    Starting from October 5 to October 12 of 2020," Speaking week" was organized by activists of the “Student club” and students of the faculty of Oriental Studies of Kazakh Ablai Khan University of International Relations and World Languages. The theme of the week was "Eastern languages in the modern world". The purpose of this event was to improve language skills among students with a help from teachers’ side due to lack of practice during online education, and special guests from foreign educational institutions were also invited.

    The language clubs were attended by students of 1-4 courses of the faculty of Oriental studies. The most active students were marked by teachers and organizers to receive certificates of appreciation. Among the teaching staff we would want to mention: Utemisova Almagul (as a moderator of a Chinese day); Ospanova Marzhan and Aksanalieva Zhamilya (as moderators of a Korean day); Anar Abbas (as a moderator of a Turkish day); Gulnara Salimova (as a moderator of a Japanese day); Kozhabekova Sholpan (as a moderator of an Arabian day); Ateybekova Nurziya (as a moderator of a Persian day), also as our special guests we would want to thank for joining us during these day: graduates and students of foreign universities Shadi Arsen, Nasi Salauat and Ihsan Kocaağa.

    We would also like to thank Kim Alexandra and Nauryzbayeva Ayim for arranging and monitoring these events.