Results of the competition

    For the Kazakhstan Independence Day “I tell you about Kazakhstan” on-line competition held in Kazakh Ablai Khan university.

    The competition includes two stages

    1. Selection stage - performers were selected by a competition commission approved by the rector of the university. The songs were recorded by the contestants and posted on the Yotube channel, links to which were sent to the competition committee;
    2. Final stage – the best songs put down into the Teams platform for online voting.

    The results you may see there ( из 11 лучших:

    1th Place -  Zhuasbekova Aida «Otan Ana», the Teachers training faculty 1st course student (

    2nd Place – Kesykbayeva Aya – «Aliya», Translation and foreign philology faculty 2nd course student (

    3rd Place – Daurbekova Madina - «Altyn Besik», the Teachers training faculty 2nd course student (