Students of FIR of Kazakh Ablai khan University of International Relations and World Languages winners of the Republican subject Olympiad

    On April 26, under the supervision of Associate professor of the Professional Department of International Relations Shukyzhanova A. N., students of the Kazakh, Russian and English departments of the specialty "Regional Studies" took part in the final stage of the Republican Subject Olympiad on the basis of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University with the participation of 5 universities.  

    The competition between the teams consisted of three tasks. The first is a video presentation of the teams, the second is a research project "Prospects for the development of Central Asia in the context of the pandemic" and the third is an online quiz among team captains on the "Kahoot" platform.

    According to the results of the Olympiad students were awarded diplomas for the 2nd place of the Kazakh department (Turgynova Asel, Zakiryarov Aziz, Seidazimova Kamila) and the 3rd place of the Russian department (Abylaykhan Dalia, Nurtleu Aruzhan, Mustafina Gulzada) and the English department (Kenzhebolat Asel, Shaikova Asel, Bisengalieva Diana)

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