Translation Studies (Kazakh-other)

    Specialty «5В020700-Translation Studies»  (5В020726 - simultaneous interpretation from Kazakh into other languages)


    Training simultaneous interpreters in the following areas:

    • Simultaneous interpreter in any field
    • Consecutive translation. Written translation


    Training simultaneous interpreters in the additional elective courses:

    • International translator
    • Specialist in the sphere of media communication
    • Specialist in the field of translation of business communication and economics
    • Specialist in cross-cultural communication


    The main objectives of the translation studies are:

    • Doing translation and interpretation from English into Kazakh / Russian and vice versa in various areas of communication, including intercultural: socio-economic, socio-political, scientific and technical, as well as in the administrative and business sphere.
    • Conducting consecutive and simultaneous (unilateral and bilateral) interpretations of speeches during official meetings, reports, lectures, conversations, negotiations, discussions.
    • Record keeping and management (business correspondence, telephone conversations, organization of visits and receptions, drafting of contracts, other business papers, etc.).
    • Editing translations from English into Kazakh / Russian and vice versa (including using digital technologies)


    You will specialize in following areas of study:

    • Theories and Practices of Intercultural Communication
    • Theories and Practices of Translation
    • Basics of Simultaneous Interpretations
    • Industry-specific simultaneous and consecutive interpretation
    • Translation in the field of professional communication
    • Digitalization of professional activities


    You will intern in/at:

    • translation companies and bureaus
    • representative offices of various international companies (oil and gas, gold mining, tourism, etc.)
    • state and private enterprises and organizations of Republican significance (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Academy of Sciences, National Library, KazMunayGas, Altinalmaz, National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan, etc.)


    You can work as:

    • translator in all areas of activity where the services of a simultaneous interpreter and a translator are needed.

    You get a unique opportunity to learn a foreign language in the amount of 12 hours per week (1 and 2 courses), and 10 hours in senior courses (3 and 4 courses)

    You can chose and study a second foreign language starting from the second semester

    No other university teaches foreign language like we do in KazUIR&WL!

    Remember: specialized subjects - Foreign language + World History


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