Master - Economics

    Department of «Economics» provides training and graduates of postgraduate education in the specialty «6M050600 – Economics» in accordance with the state license number 0137365 AB from 03.02.2010g . (Order of the Committee for Control of Education and Science MES ).

    The master's program in «Economics» in KazUIR & WL aimed at training highly skilled specialists in the application of modern theories of international relations and the world economy in economic practice , as well as its ability to organize and conduct research aimed at solving urgent problems of the international competitiveness of the economy of Kazakhstan.

    Persons who have received master's degree in economics, have all the necessary knowledge and skills for skilled work in the field of educational activities and as middle and senior managers of the real sector of the economy, the banking sector and can subsequently be used in various management positions.


    • Bachelor graduates on a specialty «Economics», wishing to link their future with the work of state and commercial structures, or simply looking to get a quality education;
    • to professionals working in subdivisions and want to improve their professional knowledge and to become a highly qualified specialist in the field of economy.

    Set in Master degree is carried out taking into account the prior training and a list of bachelor mastered disciplines.

    After completing a full course of training undergraduates scientific and pedagogical direction awarded the degree - Master of Science in specialty «6M050600 – Economics».

    The educational program «6M050600 – Economics» University establishes direct contacts with foreign centers of the Russian Federation, Belarus , China and other countries.

    The University provides undergraduates further employment opportunities in national and private and other commercial entities, domestic and foreign companies.

    ADVANTAGES specialty 6M050600 – «Economics»:

    Persons who have received an academic master's degree in state and local government, have all the necessary knowledge and skills for skilled work in the Office and the Presidential Administration, the structural subdivisions of the Government of Kazakhstan, local government, national companies, joint ventures and SMEs.

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